Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Embarrassment to not Sign Arshavin

For The Record-If Arsenal does not sign Andrei Arshavin after all the hassle they went through to agree on a transfer fee with Zenit St. Petersburg, it would be an embarrassment. Now, while I believe Arshavin isn't the type of player they should be targeting (a separate entry in itself, but a player in his mid-peak, commanding top dollar), I do think he is a necessary addition. Reports in British papers suggest that Arshavin would have to take a 20,000 pound per week pay cut to come to the Emirates. Through a 38 week season, that works out to be around 750,000. After all the haggling on a transfer fee, they're telling the fans that they aren't willing to spend another 750,000 to get this guy?

C'mon Arsene or the board, you worked so hard to get this guy. Don't penny pinch now!

(Sorry about all the Arsenal entries lately, I promise I'll get into some other sports soon)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What the Global Economic Crisis means for Football

For The Record-the global economic crisis has already hurt Arsenal, while helping Liverpool and Manchester United. While their situations haven't changed in terms of the amount of debt or lack thereof, the value of the dollar has changed in comparison to the pound. What does this have to do with these English clubs? Both Liverpool and Manchester United are owned by Americans, so their money is now worth more. Arsenal is not owned by a single person or group, but one of their largest shareholders is Alisher Usmanov, an Uzbeki oil billionaire. During this crisis, the value of the ruble has plumetted upon extreme volatility in the Russian exchange. This puts a team like Arsenal at a disadvantage when trying to get a transfer like Andrei Arshavin. Their purchasing power has extremely diminished in the last year.

So what does the change in global economic climate mean? The purchasing power of different clubs has changed significantly.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Why Arsenal needs to spend money

For The Record-Arsenal needs to spend money in this transfer window. In the past couple years, Arsenal has moved from having a veteran presence to developing young talent. This has cut the cost of having to acquire players that has burdened the other top football clubs in the world. However, this year, Arsenal has struggled greatly, both due to inexperience and lack of leadership. As of now, they are fifth in the Premiership.

For Arsene Wenger and the Gunners to turn the ship around, they will need to spend in this transfer window. They are without Captain/passing maestro, Cesc Fabregas, for an extended period of time, and their other play maker, Theo Walcott, is out until mid-February. They cannot afford for the gap between them and the top four continue to grow in this time as it is uncertain how strong these players will be when they come back.

Financial times are tough, but it could be tougher in the future. Arsenal currently sit outside the top four, which means that were the season to end today, they would not qualify for Champions League. The Champions League brings in a great deal of revenue as well as prestige to football clubs. Without spending now, it is most likely that Arsenal will not qualify for the Champions League.

While the needs of this club are much indeed, the acquisition of two or three players could make the difference, and the acquisition of four or five players could propel them back in contention. There are a lot of questions to be answered about England's most talked about club; it is up to Arsene Wenger to answer them.